Mata Nui's Head
image Mata Nui is the Great Spirit from Bionicle. His job is keeping the laws of physics working in the Matoran Universe.
Source/Inspiration: Lego's Bionicle brand.
image A kind of... snake-like(sort of) monster. Well, not really snake-like.
Source/Inspiration: Original.
Kanohi Hau
image The Bionicle mask of protection.
Source/Inspiration: Lego's Bionicle brand.
Dragon Armour
image Dragon Armour is the highest level of armour defined by the metal it's made of from the mmorpg game RuneScape.
Source/Inspiration: Runescape, an MMORPG game made by Jagex
image Krakua is a Toa of Sonics who works for the Order of Mata Nui
Source/Inspiration: Lego's Bionicle brand, original model designed by John Dexter in a contest.